Recent Master of Fine Arts Graduate &Teaching Assistant
University at Buffalo, Department of Art


artist statement

My work explores interactive installations where users can come together through technology in real/analog space rather than on virtual/digital interfaces. By questioning analog and digital identities, through the interplay between analog and digital technologies, I position users to question their transmediated selves; identities lived in the gap between the digital and the analog.

Through several different installations, I use hybrid-media (the use of old and new technologies) to expose this transmediated self. Simulated Sentience 2.0 is one of my installations where users can interweave a digital representation of the their physical selves with others in the system. Old-school TV’s are stacked up to form five monoliths that form different digital interfaces. I use analog sensors and cameras to harness real-world data to tailor different visuals while also synthesizing audio. This transforms spectators into active users to interact, deconstruct, and leave real time impressions of their own visceral experiences. This work highlights the interplay of our transmediated selves, posing the question: How can technology be pulling us together while simultaneously driving us apart?

My research questions our notions of being through analyzing societies interest in utilizing technology as extension of the body. Following McLuhan’s theory that “the medium is the message,” I strive to expose the different underlying structures of varying technologies through interactive investigations. Allowing users to fragment then defragment their own visceral experiences is my ongoing focus.