solar decathlon 2015

Team Alfred's OFFICIAL BLOG!

This was a multi-faceted collaboration between Alfred State College and Alfred University for the 2015 U.S. Department of Energy's national competition in Irvine, California. Scroll down to the start of the blog to get a sense of what the event was and is.

I myself was originally commissioned as the teams designer. I later became a decathlete to go compete with the team. Since I was going to California I also convinced the school to let me bring along my work to have a solo art show in the teams solar house. (Blog post from Day 7 highlights my involvement.)

Day 7

Wednesday, Oct. 14


The morning of Day 7, Team Alfred moved up to 7th place!


Today was a pretty laid back day. Day 6 was the final day of jury walkthroughs, and because public tours do not begin until Day 8 we were left with more scoring tasks. All of these tasks were the same as previous days.

Team Alfred's  solar house from above.Seen here are 40 monocrystaline solar panels, solar hot water system and solar dryer system.

Team Alfred's  solar house from above.Seen here are 40 monocrystaline solar panels, solar hot water system and solar dryer system.


Today's blog will focus on the art and design that fills the Alf House.

By the end of the Solar Decathlon I would end up selling half of my artwork on display. On display I had binders for artist contacts and artwork descriptions. I also ended up going through 400+ personal business cards as well as dozens of ceramic artists cards.


Team Alfred Communication Design

I created all of Team Alfred's design work from start to finish. I started on the project by creating the teams logo in the spring of 2014 while I was still a student of Alfred University. The rest I created now after graduation. Some of the other team homes had more public materials in their homes for self-guided tours, however what you see below is all Team Alfred had. We were on a budget and all this design for the team was commissioned  by the school.


Rachel Allstadt and Jessica Dewielter ceramics

These two ceramic tudents at Alfred University were kind enough to create ten sets of dinnerware for Team Alfred to use in our solar decathlon dinner parties. They did not wish to include individual artist statements, but instead an exhibition statement.

Exhibition Statement:

This dinnerware set is a collaboration designed and produced specifically for Alfred’s Alf House. Rachel Allstadt and Jessica Detweiler are young ceramic artists based out of Alfred, NY. Both collaborated on designing the works you can see inside. Detweiler created the plates and Allstadt created the bowls and mugs. The set melds function and clean design while bolstering a modern aesthetic to complement the interior design of the home.


My artwork!

All of my works in Alfred's Alf House were created by myself from start to finish. Most of the works were completed while at Alfred University, a few of them I started as a student and finished at a later date. All of the works is available for purchase, but nothing has sold yet. If you see something you enjoy, please contact me to see if it is still avalible for purchase!