Immersive Installation

Expansive interactive installation using a DJ turn table and three projection walls. Alfred University Senior Shows — Spring 2014.

Custom Software — 2012-2014
Three-Channel Live Video Distorted by Live Audio
BFA Thesis Exhibition — McGee Studios, Alfred University — Alfred, NY — May 10, 2014

Originally conceived to be used at dance parties, I created this this gallery installation to grant users an interesting way to interact within an immersive and energizing space. User movements and interaction with the vinyl records both affect the projections of themselves across the three surround walls.


Three video feeds from variously mounted camera angles are sliced into vertical cells and projected. These cells are then randomized each time there is enough detected movement. A turntable is also on display, allowing users to manually generate music. The audio also communicates with digital filters to responsively distort all of the live video cells in real time.


Nine different filters are independently applied to each one of the nine cells at any given time. Once enough motion is detected, one of my custom algorithms then randomly assigns filters to different video cells. 


Even though the visuals from this work are usually fast paced, it is also possible for a single user to intimately interact within the space. Minimal movement will refrain the cells from randomizing, which means the cells keep their assigned filter. 

HD real-time screen capture

Custom Interactive Software — 2012-2014
Three-Channel Live Video Distorted by Live Audio

This video is a live screen capture of the distortions. The importance of this clip is to show real time distortions of this interactive program of mine. It is a means of demonstrating that the the video is seamless, despite the complex algorithms running the interactive program.


documentation from first installment

Custom Interactive Software — 2012-2014
Three-Channel Live Video Distorted by Live Audio
Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred University — Alfred, NY — Feb 26, 2014

The video documentation here is much longer, allowing you to better analyze the more visceral experiences of the users.  

After studying the documentation from this event I ended up making changes to the feng shui of the room, the orientation of the cameras, as well as eliminating most of the lag from the video projections. These updates would later induce greater participation with users (seen in my BFA Thesis Installation video at the top of this page).