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project_03a - Audio Proposals


Post your project proposal by 11:59pm, Friday April 5th.

After reading over the project_03 assignment page, submit 3-5 sentence proposal that gives an overview of what you hope to achieve with this project. Due to the open nature of the assignment, you should make sure you accurately specify your baseline.

This project is one that you could approach by creating a systematical list (generative art), choosing a theme or articulating the terms of your abstraction. For instance do not think of a simplistic underwater scene or a simplistic jungle theme because the final outcome will not be much different than just slapping together a bunch of animal/fish noises. Instead, what about an underwater jungle hybrid? Think deeper on the various aspects, including where your content is coming from and how it can play a part.

Establish a roadmap for success by considering these questions in your post:

  • What is the mood that you hope to instill with the listener?

  • How many exported clips will you create?

  • How long will they all be? For example, will you create a single background track and several foreground sound effects?

  • How are each of the clips going to be different?

  • How will you utilize your ability to pan your audio with the stereo track to enhance the theme that you are creating?

You do not necessarily need to know how these sounds will work together, but rather try to focus on experimenting with the unique medium of audio itself. Generate interesting and creative files that you then have the option of repurposing for your Processing projects.