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project_01: proposals


Please post a proposal, 3-5 sentences long.

This statement should give myself and the class a clear understanding of what it is that you hope to achieve. Let this concept be a cohesive overview of your idea. So, for example, don't go into detail about what elements the image will have but rather how it is structured and with what subject matter. What do you hope to inspire or suggest to the viewer? Your final statement will evolve as you work on your projects, but this will give you a place to start.

PLEASE PROOF READ (read out loud).


Images on the Google Drive folder here

By the end of the day (9/24) I want you all to submit feedback to TWO others projects. These responses should try to cover new areas that were not talked about in crit, or at least more detailed aspects. Limit two feedback responses per image so that everyone gets feedback. Feel free to post links to other content for reference. DO NOT BE UN-SPECIFIC.

Please follow these guidelines for each feedback response. one to two sentences per point:

  1. In what ways do you support the ways in which the student has been successful in supporting their statement through their current visuals? (positive Specific feedback)

  2. In what ways do you not support it? (negative specific)

  3. Does the image aline to at least one visual structure that is required? If so, which one do you think is the most pronounced, and if not what ways might they instill more of a visual structure?

  4. Which ways is the student being successful in upholding the visual structure through use of photoshop tools?

  5. What other tools do you think they might be able to use, and list an example of how you might implement it with the current content or new content.