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project_02: proposals

Have posted your response by Monday, 10/01 @ 11:59pm.


First review the project_02 guidelines

Choose a topic that has current political energy relating to technology and and write 3-4 sentences on what type of visual statement that you will work to create. Where your sketches will serve as the visual support, harness your writing to clarify your concept. Think outside the box in the realms of where your interests lie; fashion, crime, education, video games, etcetera. Be mindful not to have the same idea as anyone else who has already posted. Remember! This project should utilize type to uphold the concept.

note: avoid the too obvious topics like Trump+Twitter, Clinton+emails, etc.


Images AND updated statements on the Google Drive folder here

By 11:59pm Tuesday night (10/16), I want you all to submit feedback here on TWO projects other than your own. These responses should try to cover new areas that were not talked about in crit, or at least more detailed aspects. Limit two feedback responses per image so that everyone gets feedback. Feel free to post links to other content for reference. DO NOT BE UN-SPECIFIC.

Please follow these guidelines for each feedback response. one to two sentences per point:

  1. In what ways do you support the ways in which the student has been successful in supporting their proposal through their current design? Primarily, does it relate to a political and technological issue? If not, how could they? (positive Specific feedback)

  2. In what ways do you not support their efforts? (negative specific)

  3. How is their attempt in creating meaning through image at text? What solutions would you offer to enact or uphold this design requirement?