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project_03 - Interactive Proposals


We have made it to the final project!

Read through the project_03 description in its entirety, make a post that fully answers all of the bullets (below) by 11:59, 11/3/18.

This description will serve as the backbone to your storyboards that we are to discuss in class this Wednesday. Do not go into depth on how the sounds will be integrated, but instead focus on the different structural elements that your Processing Sketch will contain.

DO NOT LIMIT YOUR PROJECT BASED ON ANY CODING LIMITATIONS. At this stage it is best to put forth your ideal project- it is my job to then help you pull back, find solutions and help you execute your vision. 

Your proposal should answer ALL of these points:

(roughly a sentence each)

  1. What is the theme? 

    • Why are you inspired to explore this selected theme?

  2. What will the structure be? 

    • Will it be abstract, page-based, and linear or non-linear, etc.

  3. What are the ways we will interact? 

    • Key presses and mouse clicks are the most common, but you can explore depth data from an XBOX Kinect, motion tracking data from the webcam, keyboard presses, etc. 

  4. What type of experience do you hope to inspire through this hybrid work? 

    • If you think of this project as yourself being a good party host, what do you hope to deliver to your guests/users? Will it be uplifting, thought provoking or explorative?

    • One good reference is to think of how long people will spend interacting with your project; if it is short and repetitive, it may not end up being as exciting as something that is abstract or non-linear. 

Note: if you do not know what to commit to, you must come up with three rough ideas (and then do three short storyboard sketches for Wednesday) that we can then mull over and figure out which might be the best fit.

We will be reviewing these with each other in small groups, so please copy and paste of your response on a single page page (to cut up and hand out) and bring them to class on Monday with your storyboards. make sure you upload all your sketches and audio snippets that you are to share(submit for sketch credit) to the class Google Drive.

Here is a decent video on how to storyboardREMEMBER! be drawing in a fine-point permanent marker large enough for people to read your notes from a distance. The quantity and quality is not important, but should be enough to pair with your proposal to effectively demonstrate your idea in full detail to others.