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project_01: proposals

Please post your 3-5 sentence concept based on the guidelines below:


This statement should give myself and the class a clear understanding of what it is that you hope to achieve. Let this concept be a cohesive yet concise overview of your idea. So, for example, don't go into detail about what elements the image will have; present to us how it is to be structured. Your final image should not look like it is cut and pasted but rather a totally new imaged derived from your compilation of images.

Questions to ask yourself and potentially answer:

  • What is the purpose of this idea (why are you choosing to do it)?

  • What is the structure and theme? (Hyperreality or simulacrum; graphic, fantastic and/or photographic).

  • Where will you source your content from? (google images, personal photos/home-video stills, book scans etc.)

  • Who/what is the content of/on?

  • Who is your audience?

  • What do you hope to instill to your viewers? 

Your statement will evolve as you find content and work on your projects through completion. This proposal will give you a structured place to begin.

- - PROOF READ (read out loud) - -

Responses - video_01: No Maps for these Territories

Submit your response to the class video "No Maps for these Territories" by this Sunday, 2/03/19, at 11:59pm.


Respond to all of these points with complete, proof read sentences:

1.) Which statement within the film did you find the most intriguing?
2.) Do you think that the visuals (video effects) enhanced your perception to this thought in some way? -Explain.
3.) Gibson stated that we now live in a “mediated world” where we take a lot of technology for granted. What electronic technology do you believe you take for granted each and every day? (Think beyond the smart phone and think about other devices such as a smoke detector, a microwave or the starter of your vehicle.) Everyone should choose something different. Now close your eyes and scan over everything you have done today while envisioning this device. How would you represent it visually to make us understand what sort of visual impression you are seeing in your mind? Responses should be abstract and playful but allow us to paint an image in our head. Only at the end should you state your object.