I2dP Schedule


This will be your primary place to keep track of assignments. Bookmark and check in regularly.

Last Updated : April 25th @ 6:30pm


Mon 1/29   -  Welcome! in lab (136)


  • study vocab_01 for Quiz_01 next class
  • buy a sketch book + external drive

Wed 1/31   -  in class (146)


  • post Project_01 proposals to the Class Blog - due Sun@11:59pm
  • post video response to video_01 to the Class Blog - due Sun@11:59pm
  • Project_01 Sketches Due next Wednesday
  • study vocab_02 for Quiz_02 on 2/14


Mon 2/5   -  in lab (136)


  • Finish sketches and bring to next class

Wed 2/7   -  in class (146)

  • Project_01 Group Discussions - bring completed sketches
  • study vocab_02 for Quiz_02 next class


Mon 2/12   -   in lab (136)


  • work on project_01 outside of class
  • prepare for mid-critique next class:
  1. print 11x17" tabloid print + trim down
  2. print paragraph statement on letter + trim down

Wed 2/14   -   in class (146)



Mon 2/19   -   in lab (136)

  • Work Session


Wed 2/21   -   in class (146)


  • post response to video on class blog by 2/22 @ 11:59pm
  • post project_02 proposals to class blog by 2/26 @ 11:59pm
  • start working on project_02 sketches for class discussion on 2/28
  • Finish project_01 before next class (see notes below on submission)


Mon 2/26   -   in lab (136)

  1. final tabloid print pinned up in hallway (to accompany your crit print)
  2. final statement printed and hung (replacing crit statement)
  3. your layered PSD file and a FLAT PDF, both uploaded to the class Google Drive today @ 12:15pm


  • post project_02 proposals to the class blog by 11:59 tonight, 2/26
  • create 8 sketches for next class (6 quick thumbnails & 2 larger detailed)
  • Study vocab_02 for quiz Monday, 3/5

Wed 2/28   -  in class (146)

  • project_02 class discussions of sketches and proposals 



Mon 3/5   -   in lab (136)

  • Quiz - vocab_03 - Vector Art
  • Work Session

Wed 3/7   -   in class (146)


  • work on project outside of class

Mon 3/12   -   in lab (136)


  • work on project outside of class for submission before break

Wed 3/14   -   CLASS CANCELLED


  • Finalize project_02 by Friday, 3/16:
  1. flat (no layers) EPS file and an Illustrator AI file uploaded to class Google Drive by 11:59pm Friday
  2. final print pinned in hallway to ACCOMPANY crit print (ensure printing happens before lab closes for break)
  3. final statement printed (if needed) and REPLACING crit statement
  • Study vocab_04 for quiz on Monday after break
  • collect audio recordings to bring into class after break for Ex_04 - Audacity
    • transfer the files to a computer and bring them to class. There are several ways to do this- please see instructions on your phone model or email me if you need help.

Fri 3/16   -   Bernard's MFA Thesis Show from 8-11pm

Later in the semester after break I generally announce that there is extra credit offered by attending MFA shows and doing a brief write up. Since my show is before break, and it would be nice to see some of you attend, I thought I might as well initially announce it now. There will be varying levels of points up for grabs, and I will have a hard copy of guidelines after break, but in general you must attend the opening event, take some photos to document. You will be required to do a short write up that will talk about the artists work(s) and overall show theme. Ideally you will want to speak with the artist, but if they are very busy you may take images of statements and title cards as reference for your write up.

Facebook - no-w-here Event Page
Big Orbit Gallery - no-w-here Event Page


Mon 3/19   -   SPRING RECESS

Wed 3/21   -   SPRING RECESS


Mon 3/26   -   in lab (136)

  • Receive past project grade sheets
  • Reveive hand out detailing extra credit opportunities.
  • We will be using your collected audio files to work on an Audio exercise - BRING HEADPHONES

Wed 3/28   -   in class (146)


  • Post project_03 - digital audio proposals to class blog by this Sunday 4/1 @11:59pm 
  • study vocab_04 for quiz next week


Mon 4/2   -   in lab (136)

  • Work day on Audio Projects


Wed 4/4   -   in class (146)


  • spend ample time working on your audio projects - it is advised to not put this off.
  • Read Processing Handbook pages 1-35 for quiz next class
  • If you chose to do a project resubmission, they are due to the proper Google Drive class folder by this Sunday, 4/8 @11:59pm. A print must also be turned into me at the start of next class.
    • note: I will be hanging them in the hall with your crit print and your former final print. If you took down either of these two, or failed to hang either of these two, you must reprint those versions. You need all three versions printed for the hallway to be considered for a grade change. This is to show me and passerby's your process and overall improvement through the course.


Mon 4/9   -   in lab (136)

  • Turn in a print at the start of class if you decided to resubmit a work.
  • Indulge in some excessive happiness with the One Hour of Code tutorial
  • Receive vocab_05 generative media


  • Submit Interactive proposals to the class blog by 11:59pm, TONIGHT!
  • sketch out or story board your interactive projects for class discussion next class.

Wed 4/11   -   in class (146)

  • Review Storyboarding/sketches

    • we will break into groups for you all to discover each others projects.
    • after all projects have been discussed at length we will review as a class
      • students will take turns delivering certain points of each others projects so that additional class comments can be made.


  • Continue working on Audio Projects
  • Finalize Interactive concepts with further storyboarding or note making. These will then be your maps that you bring to each class as I begin to digest what everyone is attempting to achieve.
  • quiz on vocab_05 in one week


Mon 4/16   -   in lab (136)

  • Exercise 4 Part I - Generative Art with Processing


  • Follow guidelines to start your processing project
  • Bring laptops to next class
  • study vocab_05 for quiz next class

Wed 4/18   -   in class (146)

  • Quiz on vocab_05
  • Bring Laptops and headphones - We will do Exercise 4 Part II in the open lab


  • Work on your projects as much as you can over this week and weekend. We will all be stumbling along a bit until we get more accustomed with this language. Come to class Monday with questions.
  • 2-part-mid-crit will be next wednesday! 

    • You have a week to start your project and get a few sounds implemented. The goal is to allow everyone to interact with your concept and give you feedback. If you do not prepare for this then you will not get as much out of the critique. 


Mon 4/23   -   in lab (136)

  • Mandatory work session


  • Bring laptops and headphones to next class
  • Prepare for Mid-crit next class — this is a hybrid crit 
    • Have some interactions completed
    • Have some of the exported audio that you have worked on placed into your code so we can get a sense of how things will pair up with user events.
    • create a new folder with your first and last name on it. Drag and drop your Audacity File AND its supporting audacity project folder. You will also drag and drop your Processing home sketch folder into this new folder with your name on it. After doing so, this self-named folder should be "compressed" into a zip file- this zip is what you should then be uploaded to the crit folder on the class Google Drive.

Wed 4/25   -   in class (146)

  • Mid-Project Critiques

  • Bring laptops and headphones to class


  • Finalize all image and audio content that you will need for your projects. If you are not sure how to do this, CONTACT ME rather than not doing anything and waiting. I do not have time to meet this weekend but I can take a quick phone call and walk you through a solution to your specific projects needs- 7164502096 - call or text me anytime.
  • next week should plan to complete your project and leave the following Monday (5/7) as a day for polishing.
  • Review project_03 guidelines to ensure you are getting all the points you deserve. A lot of these are designed to be freebee points by just following protocols. 


note: If you are unable to finish your project because I do not have time to meet with you last minute on the final week, this is not a valid excuse. You need to be planning your time accordingly by following the schedule I have outlined.


Mon 4/30   -  in lab (136)

  • Mandatory work session - CONSULT & HELP YOUR FELLOW CLASSMATES
  • individual consultations...


  • Continue to develop projects
  • schedule additional time with me if you are behind
  • Bring laptops to next class (if you do not have a laptop please bring an external drive)

Wed 5/2   -   in class (146)

  • Bring laptops (if you do not have a laptop please bring an external drive)
  • Mandatory sork session in Open lab - CONSULT & HELP YOUR FELLOW CLASSMATES
  • ...consultations continue


  • By next class you should have the majority of your interactions build out and most of the audio finalized. There will most likely be a lot of code issues last minute as your projects will now be quite complex.
  • Ensure you are leaving ample time next week for issues by trucking through the core of your projects this weekend. 


Mon 5/7   -   in lab (136)

  • Mandatory work session - CONSULT & HELP YOUR FELLOW CLASSMATES


  • determine who will be bringing what for party! 
  • Upload final project zip same process as our crit, put both audacity files and processing sketch folder into a self-titled folder (if you do not already still have it as such), compress this again and upload the zip file to the final submissions folder of the class Google Drive

Wed 5/9   -   in class (146)


    • Please feel free to invite friends! 
    • ensure that if you are bringing people that you also bring food so there is enough to go around!
    • I will be bringing a sheet pizza (half cheese)
    • We will be using the lab iMac's only to have less clutter. This will also allow for guests to look on easier.


  •  Final Projects Due by 12:15pm before class today.

    • At the start of class we will promptly begin downloading everyones files

    • As a class we will review everyones projects as follows:

      • 2 minutes of review

      • followed by 3 minutes to present your code's structure to the fully attentive audience

      • followed by a couple more minutes of play with an open Q&A