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project_03a Proposals

Please post your proposals by this Sunday, 4/1 @11:59pm

Sonic Projects


After reading over the project_03 assignment page, submit 3-5 sentence proposal that gives an overview of what you hope to achieve with this project. Due to the open nature of this assignment, you should make sure you accurately specify your baseline: will you create several short tracks, long tracks or a mix; if there will be any any specific theme (not required); is the source of the content important; etc. Other relevant information would be if you hope to crossfade between L/R, any mood you hope to embrace, etc. This project is one that you could approach by creating a systematical list (generative art) and arranging content based on that list - the outcome will be random but could be quite interesting (may be challenging to later implement, depending on your interactions).

You do not necessarily need to know how these sounds will work together, but rather try to focus on experimenting with the unique medium of audio itself to generate interesting and creative files that we will then repurpose for part B in Processing.

Again, please ensure you are writing full and clear sentences that pass off your concept and direction clearly.