Master of Fine Arts Candidate
Independant Teaching Assistant
University at Buffalo, Department of Art


artist statement

Harnessing various hardware and software I design and fabricate new-media-based works and environments that offer viewers enhanced audio-visual experiences. My works call upon users to interact, deconstruct, and leave real time impressions of their own visceral experiences.

Combining digital technologies with analogous ones has become an integral element to my practice. In Simulated Sentience I’ve designed a system where users are able to move about a ring of five inward facing monoliths comprised of stacked tube TV’s. Interacting with analog sensors, cameras and other users is then synthesized into real-time assemblages of digitally effected video and audio generation. Mediating users to fragment then defragment their realities is my ongoing focus.

I am exploring parallels between the syntheses of analog and digital computing, and embodied cognition between analog and digital identity. In a world with tense sociopolitical climates, my works harness nostalgic technologies to bring people together, shedding light on how we no longer live and operate in the analog world, nor the digital, but rather situated in the space between.